Medical Devices

Portable RO for Dialysis (Cisty-100)

Compact mobile RO plant- mitigates critical patient’s movement, isolated for acute, HIV & cancer patients, ideal for home, neonatal dialysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete automated system disinfection
  • User friendly, safe & silent operation
  • Internet connectable
  • Water saving technology, recovery, recycle & reuse

Mixer (AriMix)

AriMix is bicarbonate compact mixer designed exclusively for hemodialysis treatment. It provides accurate, fully automatic mixing in minute’s times.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated 100 Litre electronically controllable mixing.
  • Chemically inert, non-corrosive medical grade stainless steel (316L/304) tank.
  • Compatible with both concentrated & powder bicarbonate.
  • Uniform, smooth agitation mechanism.
  • Control system operates on 230V AC 50Hz power supply
  • Mixing by simple key press & geared with DC motor facilitates for smooth & uniform mixing.
  • All inlet & outlet valves accompanied by manual override ball valves. All vents are with sub-micron filter.
  • Cleaning: Tank can be inverted by simple hand operation & discard unused solution to avoid microorganism growth. Easily removable top lid for cleaning.
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