Medical Devices

Portable RO for Dialysis (Cisty-50 & Cisty-100)

Compact mobile RO plant- mitigates critical patient’s movement, isolated for acute, HIV & cancer patients, ideal for home, neonatal dialysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete automated system disinfection
  • User friendly, safe & silent operation
  • Internet connectable
  • Water saving technology, recovery, recycle & reuse
  • Capacity – Cisty 100 (125-250 ltr/hr) & Cisty 50 (50-75 ltr/hr)
  • Automatic & Programmable Pretreatment Filters
  • Inbuilt Endotoxin Filter
  • Automatic Raw Water Quality Check
  • Raw Water Temperature Upto 45 Degree C
  • Advance PLC Control
  • Output Water – AAMI Standard
  • Color LCD Display
  • MRP – Cisty 50 – Rs.700,000 & Cisty 100 – Rs.900,000 
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ARI – RO (Commercial/Industrial & Dialysis)

 Wide range of RO Plant for Commercial/Industrial & Dialysis purpose.

Features and Benefits

 • Reverse Osmosis (RO Plant) – capacity of supplying RO Water to dialysis machine 500 -2000 litres per hour.
• Pressure sand/carbon filter-automated.
• Duplex softener with one acting as stand by and other essential items.
• UV system and Deioniser.
• Average TDS Removal: 97-99%
• Power supply 230 V:50
• The treated water as per AAMI Standard.
• adequate pre- and post-treatment tanks
• Submicron bacterial filter, back washable of 0.2 microns at post treatment end.
• 316 grade stainless steel push pull type connectors for water outlet at dialysis machine connecting points.

Mixer (AriMix)

AriMix is bicarbonate compact mixer designed exclusively for hemodialysis treatment. It provides accurate, fully automatic mixing in minute’s times.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated 100 Litre electronically controllable mixing.
  • Chemically inert, non-corrosive medical grade stainless steel (316L/304) tank.
  • Compatible with both concentrated & powder bicarbonate.
  • Uniform, smooth agitation mechanism.
  • Control system operates on 230V AC 50Hz power supply
  • Mixing by simple key press & geared with DC motor facilitates for smooth & uniform mixing.
  • All inlet & outlet valves accompanied by manual override ball valves. All vents are with sub-micron filter.
  • Cleaning: Tank can be inverted by simple hand operation & discard unused solution to avoid microorganism growth. Easily removable top lid for cleaning.
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