1. Turnkey Establishment

Our expertise on turnkey dialysis & diagnostics specialties involves site selection, designing, viability studies, due diligence, patients pool analysis, selection of equipment & consumables, raw water analysis, regulatory approvals & commercial licensing. Our formative collaboration will help you to make right investment in healthcare.

  • CapEx and OpEx planning
  • Selection of right & the latest high end equipment (HD, SLED, HDF) as per industry standard
  • International standard of facility and treatment protocol
  • Training – Clinical, interpersonal behavior, patients handling
  • Integration of informatics for improvement operational cost & inventory control
Dialysis & Healthcare Solutions

Pex piping & return loop

Commercial Premises

Dialysis Clinic

2. Clinical & Commercial Evaluation & Training

India is at a deficit of 30 million dialysis treatments per year & adding 0.25 million new patients each year. Our evaluation & training programs aim to safeguard high quality clinical care for patients, improving, implementing & adherence of SOP, Pre & Post treatment procedures.

  • Quality improvement through clinical & commercial evaluation and equipment’s productivity validation
  • Standardization of SOP (clinical commercial & operational) for efficiency
  • Profitability analytics
  • Development of marketing plan
  • Designing a protocol for differentiation among competitions in the same location
  • Asset and resource utilization analytics
  • Operational expenses monitoring
Dialysis & Healthcare Solutions

3. Marketing & Experimental Data Analytics- Transactional Support

Marketing & data analytics include predictive & exploratory data mining, primary & secondary market research, competitive intelligence, validation, elicitation & funnel generation. The data analytics calculate percentage of leads resulting in sale & determine characteristics of high/low responses in each campaigns.The funnel forecasts direct sell, cross-sell & up-sell potentials in a specific demography & qualified prospects are segmented on quantity/quality of profile information or group customer. After each campaigns we encourage end-users to share the experimental data. This reveals the product attributes, advantages, comparison result with the other similar line of products. Our research illustrates sufficient global opportunities & business partners for licensing, marketing, distribution, manufacturing, co-development.

Creating Overall Model Process

4. NPI, KPI, KOL Studies

We promote new products & collect scientific feedback from the end users. We are expert on promoting- bonus packs, banded packs, trial packs, sweepstakes, sampling & demonstration. These survey analytics help our clients to take right decision on product development, quality improvement, packaging & predominantly choosing right market for commercialization.

Quality Control Services

5. Track & Optimizing Campaign

Campaign tracker illustrates transaction stage, closing time frame, assured revenue, incline & decline ratio etc. This analytics reports help our client to monitor sales progression & special areas need more attention to obtain market share.

Franchise Lead Generation
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